The Chronicles of Overlord (beta version) is turn-based tactical RPG with puzzle elements made in pixel-art style.

Fight as the Overlord of the Underworld in different fantasy locations. You will be opposed by the most dangerous representatives of different races. Complete levels by skillfully combining the skills of your Heroes, inventing the neverending different strategies in order to save the planet and fight back the “Destroyer of the Worlds”.


  • Tactical turn-based RPG with puzzle elements;
  • More than 20 different levels each with special victory conditions in each (5 available in the demo version), linked into a single story campaign;
  • Several heroes, each with his unique abilities - a set of attacks and spells. Using the abilities of different heroes, you will be able to create the most unexpected tactical combinations to achieve victory;
  • Graphics in pixel-art style creates the right atmosphere for the story and makes it easier to perceive the levels and landscape features;
  • Text  quests, the Alchemist's Shop, and side quests wait for you in between the story battles. Earn gold, potions and artifacts to better prepare for the upcoming battles! (Not available in demo version);
  • Additional, especially difficult victory conditions for hardcore players are available in every mission - they will bring additional rewards! 

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The Chronicles of Overlord Setup WIN 56 MB
The Chronicles of Overlord MAC 76 MB

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